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    • jeff
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      Damn, this piece offers some great insight into the insanity that takes place on Twitter. It's weird for me to read, because as someone who doesn't use Twitter it can seem pretty inconsequential, but it's scary to think that it is the channel that so many people, writers and journalists in particular, are tuned into. Regardless of how stupid the platform might be, being on the receiving end of so much hate and vitriol is bound to take a very real emotional and psychological toll. Mad props to Bari for not only suffering through it, but reaching out and making personal connections in order to bypass the dysfunction inherent in the medium.

      There are so many great quotes in the article. One of my favorites was from Dan Savage:

      “With someone like Bari—someone people on my side drag to virtue-signal—there’s a temptation to cover your butt with ‘Now I don’t agree with everything she writes …,’” he says, “But, really, who couldn’t you say that about?..."

      And this one from Bari:

      “The animating energy right now in the culture is destruction,” says Weiss. “The casual dehumanization, from the left and the right, is so appalling to me.”

      Also, I think "Hard-Left Twittersphere" would make a great band name.

      • Karenz
        Top reader this weekScribe
        2 years ago

        Jeff, I so enjoyed your remarks on this article. I didn’t know a single person it was talking about, including Bari Weiss, but that’s the joy of Readup, expanding one’s awareness. Genuine curiosity and intellectual openness are so rare these days. I don’t get all the Twitter bullshit.

      • Alexa2 years ago

        Hard-Left Twittersphere is an amazing band name hahahaha YES

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      When I first saw this article, I had to Google who Bari Weiss was! Up popped a video of Joe Rogan interviewing her - for over 2 hours, his standard time frame. I listened to it while doing art in my studio. It had me laughing out loud. And also learning a lot. Joe Rogan I discovered through Jeff and Readup as well. Both treasures. What I think they have in common is sharing their opinions but also inviting and allowing others theirs - which is SO rare as to be endangered and creating this culture of “needing” to be “liked.” The other beautiful observation I discovered with Brogan was that instead of the exchanges being about proving he was “right”, questions were asked in a genuine, curious way that continued the dialogue instead of shutting it down in defensive, angry counter attacks (I’m referring in general to his Podcast interviews). Twitter seems vicious, although I have heard good things. I guess the adage, it’s not the platform but how you use it?

    • Alexa2 years ago

      someone people on my side drag to virtue-signal

      That sure sums up a bunch. She seems like a balanced, rad person--even if I don't agree with all her perspectives. And how absurd the reaction that she dated a "cool girl". Oh, the horror? C'mon...how small minded can we be.

      This jump to divisive, demonizing of complex human beings is exhausting. Seems like we actually need more people like Bari, people willing to be nuanced, take different perspectives, and not just say what what get clicks or make people feel cozy in their beliefs.

      But, she asks, “is our job to be a warm bath and an ideological safe space for people who we think are our readers? Or is it our job to show them the scope of opinions, legitimate opinions, that people all over this country have? I think that’s our job.


      • SEnkey
        2 years ago

        Love that quote. I think about all the people with whom I wouldn't speak or chill or party or play if I only conversed with people who agreed with me. It would be a small and sad world. One thing I love is learning and the only way to learn other perspectives is to listen and talk with people with whom we disagree.