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    • Florian
      Reading streakScribe
      2 months ago

      Norwegian student officers must complete a three-year bachelor’s degree where they spend one year studying society and ethics, another shadowing officers, and a final year focusing on investigations and completing a thesis (In the United States, officers spend only on average 21 weeks in training which are modelled on military bootcamps).

      “Slight” difference there

      • SEnkey
        2 months ago

        I've been on this train for a while. We should raise the age requirement as well. I saw this in the Marine Corps. In the military everyone is assigned a Mode of Service (MOS), it is what your job is while you are in. In the Marine Corps, the Military Police (MP) MOS used to be a secondary MOS, meaning you had to do a full enlistment doing something else and become a Non Commissioned Officer before you could apply to be a MP. What you got were older, calmer, more experienced and mature MPs. Then they changed the MP MOS to a primary, meaning an eighteen year old private was out patrolling and manning post with a badge and a gun. The difference showed immediately. They were so bad that most bases have moved to private police forces to replace the MPs.

        Take away the guns, raise the age, shift the balance of consent, and increase the training around serving (not force mitigation which is what cops mean when they say more training).