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    thesephist.com8 min
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    • Florian
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      9 months ago

      a lifelong identity tied to a physical place, with thousands of other people, harboring hundreds of distinct self-sustaining tribes mired in decades and centuries of tradition and stories and identities.

      Sign me up!

      • Karenz
        8 months ago

        I kept waiting for the author to propose an alternative and was disappointed he didn’t!

      • [user]8 months ago

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    • vkvikram8 months ago

      While it indeed does showcase the issues of university and explains their importance, it does not provide a solution. Nevertheless a good article to read.

    • [user]8 months ago

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    • bartadamley
      8 months ago

      Funny I was about to grab this same quote about the ultimate community..

      Hot take: but is there a correlation with the decline of religion due to the overburdening increase in student debt? Leading to increasing allegiances to the university in which you owe an immense amount of money to?

      I am amazed by the fact that my university immediately starting calling me upon graduation, for an alumni donation... despite being loaded with student debt.

      Don't get me wrong, I loved my college experience, and am thankful for the person it shaped me out to be. It is just the aftermath of receiving an undergraduate degree and the amount of student debt that one can get placed in at such a young age is alarming.

      I was considering pursuing a masters degree and/or PhD before the pandemic hit.. but then seeing the overall lack of direction with higher-ed's response to COVID resulting in a plethora of Zoom classes. I figured I would be better to search the self-driven educational space online.

      So far, it has not been the most fruitful.. however, I am curious of what it takes to create a great community online. As I have made multiple friends... people I never would have been connected to from around the world had I gone to the traditional university located in my home state. How to create the ultimate community online? This is really the trillion dollar question.