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    themargins.substack.comRanjan Roy5/17/2011 min
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    9 reads
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    • jeff
      1 year ago

      Great read! It's amazing how much money, time and effort can be poured into creating such a dysfunctional solution to such a simple problem. I really don't think it bodes well for the rest of our economy and even economic system that this sort of thing can go on the way it is.

      • pandemia1 year ago

        You're right Jeff. It should not be legal to act in such a way. In Europe there is a regulation against dumping

    • pandemia1 year ago

      This story is simply crazy. Wasting money in such a way... I'll never use such apps. Not in my name.

    • jackdille1 year ago

      Great breakdown on a broken model!

    • SEnkey1 year ago

      Holy Shnikes! I literally just had this phone call with my CEO and Division Head as we were kicking around ideas for investment/innovation. The idea came up to do some kind of delivery and then we went into all the reasons we think it wouldn't work - add the list that the market is broken and the best service wont win out.