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    The Point Magazine3/16/2133 min
    4 reads3 comments
    The Point Magazine
    4 reads
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    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      The further I read the more I thought this is a bit like a dissection of a Seinfeld episode in a strange way.

      The closing sentence is good.

      This excerpt really stood out:

      Freud argues that civilization is not in place to promote our happiness or well-being—but rather to sustain itself, often at our expense. Basically, civilization makes strategic use of our own capacity to form a superego. There are social institutions, in this case Morality, that facilitate a peculiar kind of blame game. Our individual capacities for hatred and aggression and discontent are directed through cultural channels onto ourselves—thus producing crippling guilt and inhibition—or are then directed outward onto fantasied images of the bad other, who is punitively punished and blamed.

    • KentFackenthall1 year ago

      An academic makes a dark joke about the end of humanity from the audience of a lecture and Johnathan Lear brilliantly dissects it and turns it into an challenge for us to continue to strive for excellence as humans regardless of what we face.

      At least that's what I got out of it.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScout
        1 year ago

        Same here. A good read. Equal parts dark and light.

        I want to be missed. And I want to live a life that has deep purpose and meaning. I’m still not 100% convinced that those things are as tightly related as the author suggests (because the latter is a way stronger, more persistent feeling than the former) but it’s a fascinating thing to meditate on regardless.