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    The Paris Review | Sabrina Orah Mark | 5/7/20 | 9 min
    73 reads17 comments
    The Paris Review
    73 reads
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    • sjwoo
      2 months ago

      I haven't smiled this much in a long time. Thank you.

    • emilesilvis2 months ago

      Read the piece, but really didn’t like the content or the style.

    • BetSheWet2 months ago

      Such an enjoyable read!

      Btw, it’s seriously hard to find bread flour! After weeks of failing to see it when casually grocery shopping, I went on a quest and found it at grocery store #7

    • Straffshine2 months ago

      A pure delight to read. It captures this moment so well.

    • Jim2 months ago

      It does seem like we are searching and trying to achieve silly useless things. The Mom is a true classic.

    • gmclean2 months ago

      One to re-read, several times. Glorious.

    • jackdille3 months ago


      I laughed out loud reading this and was sad when it ended. It really is a long poem, and it made me miss fairy tales, and feel sad, but optimistic, like the best things do.


      • Pegeen3 months ago

        Love your comment and felt the same things. And I agree, this was like a narrative poem.

    • Kiki3 months ago

      Lovely story. She’s too good for university life

    • Plum3 months ago

      I love her and I adore her mother

    • joanne3 months ago

      Beautiful writing. I felt like I was in her fairytale/ nightmare/life.

    • Pegeen3 months ago

      REALLY creative storytelling, so much nuance. I’m going to search for some of her poetry. Love her imagination.

    • Gatsby3 months ago

      Education is going to go through a lot this next year. Thankful for her sharing her story; I hope she finds what she wants eventually.

    • Florian
      Top reader this weekReading streak
      3 months ago

      It’s about perspective, isn’t it

    • jbuchana
      3 months ago

      I love this.

    • Alexa
      3 months ago

      This is beautiful, downright poetic

    • kurpels3 months ago

      The bread is over.