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    The Next Web | Tristan Greene | 3/2/20 | 1 min
    13 reads6 comments
    The Next Web
    13 reads
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    • Florian2 weeks ago

      I wonder how long it takes a trained doctor to look at the scan and make a diagnosis. Considering you’re likely in the presence of a professional as you get the scan done... It wold be a different story if you could self scan

      • joshw2 weeks ago

        it says in the article it takes a human 15 minutes.

      • aleph2 weeks ago

        How long it takes a trained doctor does not matter much. First, it takes time for people to build into their brains the model that identifies diseases from an image. Maybe some doctors just haven't seen 5k images of COVID-19 so in that case the model would just be faster. Second, the possibility of deploying a solution at scale is better with tech. Now, what we need to revise are the statistics that backup the claims of the researchers working on these models. Here is the link to the paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2002.09334.pdf

        • Florian2 weeks ago

          Interesting. Thank you

    • vunderkind
      2 weeks ago


    • chrissetiana2 weeks ago

      This is good news. At least if it can be detected early, chances of survival might also increase significantly.