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    The New YorkerBen Lerner4/13/206 min
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    The New Yorker
    2 reads
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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      2 years ago

      What on Earth is happening here?

      Help me with this. I was amazed and annoyed at every other sentence. But it might be like how I used to say disparaging things about Dave Eggers but only because I just wanted to be him. But really I don’t know what to do with Ben Lerner, with this. I mean, this isn’t New Yorker short story material - Right?!

      I wish the title was “Calling” or “Reaching Out” (since that’s what this is: an outstretched hand, a grasping at something) instead of “The Media” which is so on-the-nose that it’s on the nose of the nose. I basically imagined a guy walking across a hill, on his cell phone, leaving a voicemail, but he doesn’t realize his phone died and so he’s just talking into a dead piece of plastic and metal and he can’t see anything around him, the beauty or the apocalypse, because he’s just talking talking talking. You?