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    The New Yorker | Jia Tolentino | 12/12/19 | 21 min
    14 reads4 comments
    The New Yorker
    14 reads
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    • Alexa
      2 months ago

      This makes me so sad, and alternately grateful not to live in LA anymore. The frozen faces and trout pout is too much, especially when I see it on gals in their early 20s.

      Even outside of cities like LA, the relentless stream of "perfectly" facetuned faces & bodies online is jarring.

      Is a collective state of body dysmorphia really what women are aspiring to these days?

      10 of course, another slam dunk from Jia. I do hope more people will start to consider if being a Kim-clone & neurotically battling the aging process is really how they want to spend their lives.

      • Karenz1 month ago

        Alexa, your responses are SO sensible and and I couldn’t agree more that this article is sad. I’m 73, grew up during Women’s lib and thank my angels that my bad foot and bad knee are still working when I walk my dogs. I have, however, considered having my eyeliner tattooed on!

    • kicksnare2 months ago

      Super interesting. It’s as if we’re developing evolutionary characteristics for which natural selection is driven by audience engagement instead of procreation (is there a difference?) – experimenting, testing and refining based on audience success, leapfrogging the many-thousand-years of traditional evolutionary cycles.

    • turtlebubble
      2 months ago

      Anthropological research coupled with intense personal examination. Loved it!