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    The New Yorker | Tad Friend | 10/3/16 | 61 min
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    The New Yorker
    2 reads
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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      11 months ago

      When I need to process big things, I make chili. Tonight I’m making chili. :)

      This is a huge, engrossing, beast of an article. I read it last week, in one sitting, in the middle of the night. It was a few days before the Y Combinator application was due (Readup applied!!) and the article sent me into this crazy tail-spin of ideas, excitement and all kinds of nervous anticipation. I still can't stop thinking about it all. Lots and lots of practical advice, like “Always think about adding one more zero to whatever you’re doing, but never think beyond that.” Thankfully, it's not a fluff piece or a hit piece - it just feels really authentic in its exploration of Sam (and, by extension, YC and Silicon Valley).

      This is pretty heavy and dark: “The pessimistic view was that people would lie on their couches and just consume content—and that is what happened. I [Sam] learned you can’t make humans do something they don’t want to do.” Yet Sam also says, "We need to level up humans" and "What a time to be alive!" So it's pretty hard to gauge his overall level of optimism. He's a nuanced character, and I guess that's what makes him so fascinating. I'm curious to see what he does next, now that he's stepping back from YC.

      Reading is the best way to level people up! And Readup is the way to make it happen! :D If we get a spot in the next cohort, it would be the game-changer to end all game-changers. Fingers crossed that the AI bot doesn't rule us out immediately. :P

      Bill CEO/co-founder of Readup

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        6 months ago


        1. Update (1/31/2020):

          Saga continues: 4 months later, we're in Startup School!! GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!