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    The New Yorker | Dana Goodyear | 8/11/19 | 5 min
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    The New Yorker
    5 reads
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    • Jessica7 months ago

      The part about the colors that mish and mash with social media "enhancement" (I am currently not able think of a better word to describe that urge to make instagram feeds look prettier/faker) made me shake my head. Agh. The food industry has enough to deal with; let's not let the trap of platforms like instagram and "influencers" make that industry even more difficult.

      • Pegeen6 months ago


        100% agree!

    • Pegeen7 months ago

      Pink is one of my least favorite colors. Give me a bold red any day - in fruit, wine, lipstick, nail polish, dress, art - the list is endless.

    • bill
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      7 months ago

      Sometimes I wonder if >10% of my total online time is spent reading about innovations in produce. This little ditty is both fun and interesting. What's more important than knowing all about what we put in our bodies?

      Also, Dana Goodyear (who also wrote the one about Cooper, the photographer at the ends of the Earth) is one of my new favorites.