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    The New Yorker | Eli Grober | 1/29/20 | 3 min
    27 reads9 comments
    The New Yorker
    27 reads
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    • vunderkind6 days ago

      Some crack definitely went into the making of this New Yorker piece.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        6 days ago

        Ha! That's exactly how I remember this one, which I read two weeks ago. So many "wtf" moments, but a blast to read.

    • loundytampa1 week ago

      This is good

    • Alexa
      3 weeks ago

      OMG I laughed SO hard at this.

      I saw this and thought of the recent minimalism talk on here:

      If you teach a man to fish, he will spend a bunch of money on new fishing gear that he’ll use once and then leave in his garage for ten years.

      But then just cackled reading the rest. This was GOOD

      • Karenz2 weeks ago

        How far afield can a story go in a few short paragraphs? Yet how delightful! Suspension of disbelief in the interest of hilarity and insightfulness.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      3 weeks ago

      Hahahahaha.. So many actuaLOLs!!

    • Plum3 weeks ago


    • TripleG
      Reading streak
      3 weeks ago

      Funny and sad.

    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScout
      3 weeks ago

      For some odd reason, compelling! Perhaps its originality. The opening line is the hook - pun intended. Need to google Eli Grober, I’m intrigued.