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    The New Yorker | Cyrus Grace Dunham | 8/12/19 | 22 min
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    The New Yorker
    14 reads
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    • Jkloundy8 months ago

      Brilliant.... Articles like this are empathy boosters. I can feel the emotion in this writing, very revealing and honest, vulnerable yet strong, but most of all I feel the author is a very brave person.

      • Karenz8 months ago

        I like this new feature of an article of the day popping up in my inbox. I read them whereas I don’t always go searching for articles on Readup. Cyrus makes the torment of being trans and trying to decide how far to pursue change palpable. We women can be so critical of our own bodies it’s hard to feel at home in them. Or trauma can make us strangers in our own bodies. But this is a whole different experience that requires a courage that’s almost unfathomable. I was relieved to read he had the support of friends, a partner and possibly his parents.

        • Jkloundy8 months ago

          Am I correct... is he the sister of Leah Dunham? I'm not sure if it has any relevance but it is kinda interesting.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      8 months ago

      WOW. Rapturous. I’d give it an 11 if I could. This is eye-opening. Nourishment for the soul. A piece of writing that reaches out and hugs the reader.

      • Pegeen
        8 months ago

        Your reply is wonderful and so interesting because I can’t say I feel what you are feeling but it makes me pause, reflect - what am I feeling? It’s mostly pain. I could feel the pain and suffering of this individual who is so confused, filled with shame and guilt. The writing really opened me to their deepest inner turmoil and I felt so uncomfortable - in my own body, my mind. It’s only in my heart that I felt able to breathe, relax and feel trusting that we as a culture are moving, perhaps too slowly, towards a more expansive understanding of what it feels like to be born in a body that doesn’t match one’s own identity. I’m thinking of Bruce Jenner, Chastity Bono - such public figures. The courage it takes to follow one’s own path is incredible. I’m deeply humbled.

      • Plum8 months ago

        Beautiful. So generous to share an experience so personal and so essential for us all to understand. And so brave. Thank you, Cyrus