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    The Nation | 11/9/18 | 10 min
    2 reads2 comments
    The Nation
    2 reads
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    • Alexa
      2 weeks ago

      Setting the bar high for experimenting with new methods to lower the impact of drugs (and prohibition). Smart solutions that look to have really good results.

      Our prohibitionist mindset in the states has always driven me nuts, it is clearly not having the results it seeks. We're just propping up cartels and filling jails with nonviolent offenders. Would love to see us test something like this in the US, but could they ever get it past partisan politics?

    • jeff
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      2 weeks ago

      In response to a heroin epidemic, Switzerland took the radical approach of prescribing heroin to those addicted to it. The results of the policy that began over two decades ago are outstanding, as is the story behind the push to try something different. Can't recommend this one enough.

      While it's encouraging that legalization of marijuana is slowly taking place in the US, it's extremely discouraging to see how the ineffective prohibitionist policies are doubled down on for other "hard" drugs.