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    The Nation8/21/1423 min
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    The Nation
    6 reads
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    • SEnkey10 months ago

      I used to be pretty against universal day care. I've since realized that we have universal daycare, but only for 5-18 year olds - it's called public school, and it only goes August to May or June.

      I think offering universal child care and separating child care from education would be great for both realms. So many education complications come because we are asking educators to be child watchers.

      • Karenz
        10 months ago

        I know how expensive childcare is for my children who have good jobs. It’s ridiculous to expect poor mothers to work without adequate childcare. Leaving young children unattended is clearly dangerous but why arrest the mother instead of referring her to a service where she can get help? The author puts her finger right on the problem—control of our government by the economic elite. And lack of practical policies that help people advance out of poverty.