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    The Morning ContextPranav S.15 min
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    The Morning Context
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    • deephdave
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      1 month ago

      The pitch for most micropayment services—to unlock direct revenue from the majority of users who would not ever purchase a full subscription. On top of that, what startups such as ConsCent in India, FewCents in Singapore, Axate in the UK and LaterPay in Germany are counting on is that as they grow and add more publishers as clients, it becomes easier for readers to use the same login and wallet/payments to read content across sites. In turn, this can lead to more people paying everywhere, in theory at least.

      Also, checkout Blendle : A Dutch online news platform that aggregates articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines and sells them on a pay-per-article basis.

      1. Update (6/15/2021):

        Thanks to Readup and a few newsletters subscriptions, my clicks on pay-per-view/pay-per-click have been reduced drastically. In the end, avoid being a victim of the attention economy, what matters the most is pay-per-read.

      2. Update (6/15/2021):

        I mean pay-per-entire-read

        Skim reading and ctrl + F reading work when you are looking for a specific solution. e.g. Stack Overflow