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    The Hustle6/23/187 min
    18 reads7 comments
    The Hustle
    18 reads
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    • jbuchana2 years ago

      I get so many junk calls already that i think i must have fallen for something like this at some point... I too still get phone calls about extended warranties on cars i haven't owed for years.

    • turtlebubble4 years ago

      Pretty surprising that malls would allow this kind of thing. I've seen it at the crappiest to the most prestigious of malls. I would have thought the nicer ones at least would have some interest in curating their purveyors. They must just offer to pay way more than the fidget spinner kiosk.

    • Dorothy4 years ago

      I had no idea! Now I want to know how they manage get those dang cars into smaller malls

    • jamie4 years ago

      That is just gross! Great article. I still get cell phone calls for an extended warrantee on a car I have not owned in 5 years!

    • haje4 years ago

      Such a great piece - crazy to learn more about the shady tactics.

    • tourist4 years ago

      This should be illegal, but I'm sure that the company's lawyers did their best to fall just short of the legal definition of false advertising.

      • sam4 years ago

        I agree that this practice is very unethical, but it also highlights the ignorance of the general public that these companies are exploiting. I think people, in general, need to be more aware of instances where they are being taken advantage of and not necessarily believe everything they read or see. I still don't think that the practice is just and the car giveaways are very misleading in their own right, but people enable these things to continue by not being aware of the falsity and falling into the trap.