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    • thorgalle
      2 months ago

      What a nice development!

      Single-use menstrual products emerged in the US in the early 20th century: Kotex introduced sanitary towels in the 20s, while Tampax began manufacturing tampons in the 30s. “That was a disruption,” says Freidenfelds. “It transformed how women handled periods.” Disposable menstrual products liberated women from the tedium of having to wash out menstrual rags. After many years, we have come full circle, albeit with the benefit of 21st-century washing machines.

      Are there no downsides to period pants however? From the article it seems a magical solution to everything. Not that I’m in a position to test it 😄

      • Alexa2 months ago

        They are entirely amazing. They don't breath quite the same as your normal drawers, but that's to be expected from waterproof underthings haha. I would say yes they're magical, I got thinx when they first came out years ago and proceeded to buy a stack for my sister and anyone else I loved (that bleeds) come holidays.

        There was drama with Thinx's CEO for a while there (but that seems to be a trend in so many girlboss startups the last decade), but that does not dim my enthusiasm for them. The plastic part sucks, are they sustainable? Damned if I know, in comparison to the alternatives...surely.