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    • Alexa9 months ago

      Great story, for sure. I spent half of it shaking my head at the lengths crypto-bros will go to to escape to their own self-governed playground. Still, gotta respect the dreamers.

    • EZ19699 months ago

      Really enjoyed this. Big dreams, the sea and a boat. What could go wrong?

      • KapteinB
        Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
        9 months ago

        Insurance, apparently!

        I find it fascinating that with all the challenges they faced, what finally sunk the venture (figuratively, not literally, thankfully) was that no insurance company was willing to insure a stationary ship.

        • thorgalle
          Reading streakScoutScribe
          9 months ago

          Interesting indeed! Also that insurers didn't divulge the reason for rejection. I guess that the ship owners didn't ask for anything special in their insurance application. Would it really be so unheard of for insurers that people live permanently on a stationary cruise ship?

          And would it be legal (in Panama law I suppose) to run an uninsured ship at your own risk? The route where society-rejecting forward-thinkers would live on an uninsured ship wasn't discussed.

    • thorgalle
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      9 months ago

      Fascinating story! They got close, and I can admire the dreaming. Also respectable that unlike Fyre Festival (which is rightfully mentioned), they owned up to their failure and made refunds.

      They were insured to sail her, and they could go on sailing her, but they didn’t want to run a travel company. They wanted to run a floating society of like-minded freedom-lovers arranged in the shape of the bitcoin B.

      This occasional subtle tone mocking their naivity was amusing.

      – but the trade press reported that Ocean Builders sold her for $12m, more than they paid for her


    • jeff
      9 months ago

      A great story well told!