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    • Florian9 months ago

      EVERYONE read this now!

      Facebook, in particular, has more monthly users than there are notional adherents to Christianity. Roughly twice as many as there are people in China. And when your numbers are that big, your ego can sometimes give you the illusion that you are a nation state.

      Now let this sink in ... and this is only the start. Think of all the consequences this has. This needs to change.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        9 months ago

        Just finished. I also read this one this morning. That’s way too much reading about Facebook for me on a Monday morning 😝

        I share your concern, Florian. I’ve also been wondering if articles like these dig us even deeper into the dark hole we’re in. When we focus on Facebook’s inability to be non-partisan, we’re missing the point.

        The left is kicking and screaming. The right is kicking and screaming. This problem isn’t new; it’s as old as media itself. The new and novel nightmare is that Facebook’s core biz and tech are addicting, depressing, and reality-distorting. It‘s way bigger than politics, but that’s just something that humans often argue about anyway.

        So the question is: How delusional is Zuckerberg? Does he actually think that it’s good for the world that Facebook (the company and/or the platform) exists? Or does he not care? Im pretty sure it tortures him. But I also think his ego is so huge that he might think he can fix things.

        That brings me back to my initial point: that Zuckerberg reads articles like this and chuckles a little bit. He wants us bantering about politics, about Facebook moderation policies, and about this Kaplan dude that I keep reading about and couldn't care less about. It’s a way for him to get some more time to work on this bigger/scarier issues that most people don’t talk about: the core tech, the core biz, and the way these platforms impact the brains and well-being of the people who use them and our overall collective consciousness.

        • Florian9 months ago

          Good question. There is definitely a much bigger picture at play. Zuck is obviously coordinating with people in power and Trump is probably not even all that powerful ... you’re right though that this is where the rabbit hole starts getting really complicated. I also think that he must believe he can fix this while at the same time he enjoys the power. I mean, how else could you want to keep going with a company that has been proven to support some of the worlds worst worst dictatorships? If he has some type conscious he’d split the company up and actually do something against fake accounts. Without fake/bot/troll accounts you also start addressing the big propaganda factories that currently manipulate the public opinion