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    The GuardianJoanna Moorhead9/25/213 min
    19 reads7 comments
    The Guardian
    19 reads
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    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      1 month ago

      This is wonderful! I need to see her art - even if only on screen. I listened to a young monk on YouTube the other day. It was the morning routine of monks. The first thing in the morning is deep breathing. Next is contemplating death. It’s a practice about impermanence, detachment, the preciousness of life. How important each moment is. Never knowing when it will be your last, as death does not care about your age.

      • TinaCamera3 weeks ago

        I think they’re on the same wavelength as Marina. When you really contemplate death you have a lot more to live for. 70s are the new 30s!

        Glad you enjoyed the read! If you’re needing a book to read, aunt Peg - the book Less by Andrew Sean Greer is a great fiction read. Similar themes - coming of age for a man in his 50s.

    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      3 weeks ago

      A 3-minute 10-er.

      I was with Ulay [fellow performance artist Frank Uwe Laysiepen] for 12 years. He was the love of my life. And then he sued me. It was terrible – I lost on every point. I was incredibly angry. But then one day I opened my eyes and said, “OK, I lost. What’s next?” And what was next was forgiveness. He passed away in 2020 and we had this wonderful last year of his life when we actually became friends. It was an incredibly rewarding feeling, because anger is poisonous, not only to the other person, but also to yourself. Now I remember Ulay with tenderness.

    • jeff
      4 weeks ago

      Abramović is a legend. I saw her well over 10 years ago at the Guggenheim. I had never heard of her and had no idea what to expect. She was totally naked, drinking honey, and flogging herself on a stage in the center of the room. It was totally surreal and definitely not something you'd ever forget!

    • turtlebubble
      1 month ago

      Such a badass

    • TinaCamera1 month ago

      My husband and I saw Marina’s exhibit in Tasmania. Not long after watched The Artist is Present, and as someone who never studied art or created much of it, I loved seeing her work because it offered a completely disparate perspective to my everyday way of thinking.

      I love that she says our gifts aren’t given to us personally - they’re given to us to give to society, so we need to handle our gifts carefully.

      We all have gifts and channeling our gifts to help people is an important part of life’s journey.

      Coming of age describes adolescence to adulthood, but I think we’re always coming of age throughout the entirety of the life span, and I love that she highlights the notion that life really becomes interesting in your 70s because of the realisation that our time is finite.

      • Pegeen
        Reading streakScoutScribe
        1 month ago

        Great find Tina, thanks for posting! So excited to investigate her art.