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    The Guardian | 1/24/21 | 8 min
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    The Guardian
    5 reads
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    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekScribe
      1 week ago

      Couple of Illuminations from the read:

      The bit about shoulders and back rub took me back to the fun after school daycare center I went to during elementary school...there were days and fond memories when our crew would line up on the huge colorful carpet like a train while we were watching a tv show (probably Mr. Rogers/Fraggle Rock/Eureka’s Castle/Reading Rainbowetc) and each of us would write and draw on the back of the one in front and then the front of the train would rotate to the caboose. That touch was Heavenly to each of us and we would guess what was being written.


      Products such as weighted blankets can help.

      I Imagine I am not the only one but as a guy who sleeps single majority of the time and adores touch/cuddling...my solution has been the three pillow triangle ~ under head and to my right side and left side. I pull the one behind me right up to my back and I literally sleep with the one facing me like a baby in fetal position and I Sleep Like A Baby. Fulfills the void of cuddling pretty damn well, personally.

      Also, the one thing I adore about cuddling as a person with shallow breathing is that lovers usually have deeper breathing patterns than I and I tend to sync up with that.

      Ode to the Touch and may We All Experience it more Deeply Soon in whatever capacity we are lacking.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      2 weeks ago

      Lockdowns are deadly. We shouldn’t be living like this.

      My deepest fear is that humanity itself has become colder and more distant, and that we will never fully recover our true, wild nature.

      My deepest hope is that the pendulum swings back in the other direction. That we emerge from this and be we all become way more sensual, touchy, loving people. In the USA, the “roaring 20s” followed the pandemic of 1918. I miss hot yoga classes, sweaty bars and nightclubs, and the ever-present possibility that some new crush is just around the corner, ready to swap spit with a stranger.

      • KingTaos2 weeks ago

        Amen brother

        • bill
          Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
          1 week ago

          What a username! Hi.. neighbor!? 😉

          • KingTaos1 week ago

            Yep. We actually met on a zoom call the other day... we need to get coffee and exchange nyc fugitive tales!

            • bill
              Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
              1 week ago

              Rock and roll! Yes, totally. Welcome to Readup! Email is bill@readup.com if you don’t wanna make coffee plans right here in the comments 😜

    • Ruchita_Ganurkar
      3 weeks ago

      Oh, Yahh!! This is something to be noticed.

      “We might begin to realize that something is missing, but we won’t always know that it’s touch.”

      “Touch is a modulator that can temper the effects of stress and pain, physical and emotional."