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    The Guardian | Felicity Carter | 11/7/19 | 8 min
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    The Guardian
    7 reads
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    • Pegeen
      8 months ago

      I found this article skimming the surface of things. I would like a more in-depth actual account of someone who does fortune telling for a living - what’s involved as far as education and making their way through the system. I know 2 people who are very astute students of astrology. Both are intense personalities and they tell me predictions with such authority and command as to have me run from the room! I don’t like the restrictive nature of knowing in advance, of being instructed as to when to do something or not do something based on the position of the planets. I see how others hang on to their every word and how much they love that attention. Only once did I pay for a reading because the person came so highly recommended and I was in a dire state as to my choice on a difficult matter. When we connected on the phone, the woman was obviously eating something and not one crunchy word resonated with me. My first and last such adventure. Now when I want true guidance, I go within.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      8 months ago

      Excellent. I often feel clairvoyant, but it has nothing to do with magic. Rather, it’s about deep, human intuition. It started a few years ago, when I was teaching several yoga meditation classes per week. I started to feel like I could see what my students were thinking and feeling. It’s carnal, impossible to describe, but basically the body tells all the secrets and I had a front row seat, for an hour. And I could use my instruction as a way to pry in, to test my hypotheses. (This is why yoga is so feminine. It’s not because women are more flexible [although they are] -the benefits to body and mind are exactly the same for women and men. But men are more likely get severely freaked by this level of vulnerability. Penetration is a feminine desire and a masculine fear.)

      Of course fortune-tellers have “a way in.” To doubt that is to doubt the full potential of human beings. Again, not magic, just something beyond ‘you said x, so now I know x.’ What’s actually going down is this: ‘when you say x, I know x, and y, and z.’