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    The Freelance Graduate StudentAdam Bartley8/5/218 min
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    The Freelance Graduate Student
    2 reads
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    • thorgalle
      2 months ago

      Nice to read that you're regularly reviewing Anki cards, @bartadamley. This is a good intro to your way of learning, it seems like you're applying this tool broadly! Sure sounds like a rewarding daily activity.

      I'm hesitant to equate Anki to learning however. I think flash cards in general force you into a reductive definition of learning: learning as the memorization of facts or pre-defined answers. This is certainly useful as a base for much knowledge work, but it excludes more practical forms of learning. For example, you can't speak a language with only Q&A knowledge of its words. I guess it's just one part of the learning palette. How do you see it?

      I have to point to my comment on a great article about the creator of SuperMemo, a predecessor of Anki. There may be a rabbit hole in this super-memory-method if you don't watch out!

      Your terms reviewing graph looks clean btw! Here is mine for when I learned Swedish for some time. It shows that about 250 days ago, I abandoned Anki. Now I have to review everything 😄

      Consider me thankful for this nudge to integrate Anki back into some kind of daily routine.