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    The Freelance Graduate StudentAdam Bartley3/25/215 min
    5 reads2 comments
    The Freelance Graduate Student
    5 reads
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    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      6 months ago

      Yay! I got my answer here. Let Me Go is in fact your first original. Thought so. It’s hawt.

      Inspiring read. Finessing a fable for publishing here soon. Envisioning that as a gateway to publishing more. I will check out LinkTree.

      1. Update (3/29/2021):

        You answered me over on SC too. Lol. Thanks!

      2. Update (3/29/2021):

        Put Let Me Go on Resonate!

      3. Update (3/29/2021):

        This is my SoundCloud:


        Would be cool to collab in the future on an original. I’d be open here.

    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      6 months ago

      Thought-provoking stuff @bartadamley!

      Linktree reminds me of about.me, which has been around for long (but I've seen it less lately). Still, both of these seem to be a simplified substitute for a personal website. Why not create a page on your website with links?

      I think starting more of an open dialogue on the tools we use, and how it levels us up in our creative work… is a critical conversation for anyone working digitally to have.

      For sure! And not just the tools, but also how we use them. Workflows. Or whatever workflows are when we're not talking about work.