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    The CutMolly Fischer12/22/2038 min
    19 reads6 comments
    The Cut
    19 reads
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    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      Really Interesting Read. Spins the Rubik’s Cube of perspective on topics in Legit directions for full consideration.

      I was clueless to all of this controversy until reading this.

      I find the divide between American RightWing opposition and British Feminist opposition fascinating as expressed here:

      The divide here between mainstream British feminists and their American counterparts is striking: American opponents of trans rights tend to be right wing. The difference reflects, perhaps, the relative insularity and homogeneity of British feminism. In America, challenges from feminists across marginalized groups have increasingly pressed those who would speak on behalf of “women” to reexamine whom they mean.

      I, personally, stand in support of any individual choosing to be who they innately Believe/Imagine/Know thy Self To Be - Free/Celebratory/Presently Healing. With that support I see a stronger perspective after reading this how trauma and pain causes triggers for full support of such identifiers based on fear of manipulators or criminal minds.

      My only issue with this read is the length. I read it over several days and even checked the reading time. It felt like a longer read than it really is and thus, I feel it could’ve been edited down in the first half to get to the Core Issues Expressed in the latter. Just felt like it lagged a bit to get to the Deeper Points. I may be naively overlooking the validity of the first half’s essential foundational necessity; however.

      Im Grateful for the Read.

      • chronotope1 year ago

        I think if you want a really interesting companion piece to this, you should check out the Contrapoints video on the same subject - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gDKbT_l2us

        (sadly no transcript, so no readup entry for this one)

        • Alexa1 year ago

          agh. I adore Contrapoints, and I think I have Jeff to blame for the intro. Great rec.

    • elioty1 year ago

      An article that appears to be serious but is no more than a thinly veiled attempt to undermine Rowling within the strict bounds of popular consent. I for one appreciate that Rowling risks a lot to voice her particular experience and opinion, despite the mob. As evidenced by articles like this, she is paying the price for it.

    • Alexa1 year ago

      Yikes, definitely an interesting read. I've been surface aware of the whole ordeal for some time. It's an interesting look at JK's online thrashing as she pushes up against not being everyone's darling goddess anymore.

      Agree with Dellwood, the first half drags a bit if you know her history, but it's definitely thorough look at a talented, introverted woman thrust into the public eye and the downfall of balancing art, opinion, and an obvious addiction to Twitter attention.