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    The Cut | Rebecca Traister | 4/28/20 | 12 min
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    The Cut
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    • jbuchana
      1 month ago

      mediocre man

      that includes those of us who never thought Biden should be the nominee

      Which I wish he weren’t.

      if we get that progressive voice, she will immediately be damaged via her association with the nominee

      It should never have come to this. I so do not want to vote for Biden, but I will, Trump winning is even worse than having a mediocre man of dubious morals elected. Trump is way worse than mediocre and dubious.

    • Alexa
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 month ago

      this whole "lesser of two evils" political options are really exhausting.

      Alas, we do not have a system or culture in the United States that would permit a running mate to say, “I am deeply troubled by the allegations persuasively leveled against my running mate, Joe Biden, and wish we didn’t live in a world in which we had to choose between an accused rapist and self-confessed pussy grabber versus an accused harasser who’s now been credibly accused of assault, but this is what white capitalist patriarchy does and I’m actually here to try to change that!”