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    The CutKatie Heaney10/2/195 min
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    The Cut
    7 reads
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    • Pegeen
      1 year ago

      I just finished taking notes from this article. I’ve started a group that will be experimenting/playing with an energy technique taken from a book called The Power of Eight. Knowing the 4 reasons why we do any activity and our 3 innate needs is extremely helpful to keep the group motivated and excited to return each week for our meeting. Practicing self awareness and introspection is sound advice and an integral part of this process of re-booting one’s ambition. “Think about what really matters to you and how to obtain it”. We only run out of ambition if we believe it is something that we can run out of!

    • tdsimpson901 year ago

      "“There are four different reasons why you want to work or do any activity: fun, meaning, ego, and reward,” he says. When ambition is motivated by a desire for fun or meaning, our performance and well-being increase. But when we’re primarily driven by ego and/or reward, our work suffers, and so do we." I feel like some of these are so intertwined, it's hard to differentiate them. I've had some of these same thoughts though - am I losing my ambition? I feel less motivated than I did 10 years ago even though I'm doing work that I really love. What is going on?