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    The Bold ItalicSunil Rajaraman8/15/1614 min
    20 reads10 comments
    The Bold Italic
    20 reads
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    • bartadamley
      1 year ago

      This piece is way too good just to be seeing now.

      However, it is entirely relatable even if you aren’t living in the Valley... as the products/services discussed are ones we now seem to encounter everyday now, not just in the Valley but everywhere.

      It makes me feel bad for those who incessantly scroll on various platforms of all kinds, rather than just sticking to a set few. If Readup isn’t in that set few apps to have at your disposal, well it’s time to change!

    • jamie
      3 years ago

      Too funny, but after reading it I need to go meditate. Do people really choose to live there, what about the cat? There is no time for a cat!

    • joanne3 years ago

      I loved the article and the pictures. It sounded fairly truthful to me and so exhausting.

    • sam4 years ago

      For most of my life so far, I have dreamed about living in Silicon Valley. Being from the East Coast and loving technology, I have often fantasized about the consistently nice weather, the tech-savvy community, and the cool vibe of the people. However, while I cannot vouch for whether or not this article accurately describes Silicon Valley life, I feel like it at least makes me more skeptical about my beliefs of endless positivity.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScout
        4 years ago

        I can tell you, Sam, that the article is extremely accurate.

        • joanne3 years ago

          Really, how are you and Erica going to survive?

    • erica4 years ago

      This is too real. On the eve of my move from Brooklyn back to The Bay, I'm embarrassed to say that I plan on returning to places I used to frequent, including places featured in this article: The Rosewood, Cal Academy of Sciences, Blue Bottle, Philz, etc.

      "The article is 1,000 words long — you read only half of it, but that’s good enough." Not if you use reallyread.it!

      • joanne3 years ago

        Really...the fact that no one really reads entire articles keeps on coming up for me too.

      • ReallyKozi3 years ago

        Oh my gosh I thought the same thing! Also who puts 3 Splendas in their coffee?!

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScout
        4 years ago

        I loved that quote!