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    The Atlantic | Joe Pinsker | 4/10/20 | 23 min
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    The Atlantic
    5 reads
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    • Florian
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      1 month ago

      Very fascinating factual analysis

    • jeff
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      1 month ago

      As if we weren't already cleaved enough. Lots of great data in this piece.

    • ChetD1 month ago

      Pandemic will hurt marginalized communities like a sledge hammer while the upper classes may actually come out ahead.

      This dawned on me while shopping at an Indian grocery store when I saw a few African American people coming out with bags full of groceries to their cars. I usually don't see any non Asian's at this store and have never seen AA shoppers. I chatted with one of them and found out he was doing an Instacart batch. Then it all made sense. Some affluent Indian families were outsourcing their risk.

      Hope he got a generous tip and stays healthy. I still worry about him