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    The AtlanticGreg Lukianoff, Jonathan Haidt8/10/1539 min
    8 reads4 comments
    The Atlantic
    8 reads
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    • vunderkind5 months ago

      this article is secretly a commentary on bad actors.

      there is benefit to 'installing' (via social recommendations) consideration for all cultures in all of humanity. it will allow us cooperate more and lower the interaction energy (and biases) that have kept us destructive for ages. the problem, of course, is that it's still humans at the helm, so at the end of the day, something that should ostensibly help us design a safe habituation for all of humanity has ended up becoming a viciously divisive tool. And it's all because of bad actors.

      Bad actors will always exploit loopholes in a system's design to create negative outcomes.

      In other words, I support the direction to introduce sensitivity to humanity (whether it be considered 'coddling'). It just needs methodical debugging, and this could go on for a pretty long time.

    • temi5 months ago

      though the way this article minimises the negative effects of this insensitivity is almost comical, it raises a good argument against trying to coddle pacify everyone in the name of tolerance.

      also, the first thing i thought to do when i began reading this article was to share it on readup. the fact that i now have that impulse really struck me. i’m going to miss being able to access this (i am an international student in america who is not employed in any way, so the content of my bank account is not guaranteed to be consistently above what the recurring readup payments are going to be. i completely understand and agree with the fact that writers need to be compensated. i just wish i was in the position to contribute to this compensation).

      • jeff
        Top reader of all timeReading streakScout
        5 months ago

        You'll always be able to read here for free! Existing users will have the option of purchasing a subscription but will not be required to. Readup wouldn't be anything without our existing community so we decided early on that early adopters could keep their free accounts indefinitely.

        I enjoyed the article and also thought the authors made some good arguments. I felt like this piece was a lot more thoughtful and well-cited than a lot of "free speech" screeds you can find out there. I like that the focus was on the potential impact on the students versus the common overreaction that it's ruining the country. I think the fact that over-sensitivity can so quickly consume itself (having to apologize for the microaggression of talking about microaggressions) would alleviate most of those fears if people chose to pay more attention.

        • temi5 months ago

          oh wow. that’s fantastic then

          (i just noticed my typos. ugh)

          one thing is i don’t agree with was it’s point about trigger warnings, though. i think they can be very valuable, cause they give people time to at least prep themselves for unsettling content