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    The AtlanticKaitlyn Tiffany6/21/218 min
    5 reads2 comments
    The Atlantic
    5 reads
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    • Pegeen
      2 months ago

      Fascinating. Like a train wreck, only you are it. I’ve never been on Tiktok and would probably fall victim to the hideousness of it, but life’s too short. Nature is my fix.

    • vunderkind
      2 months ago

      One thing that truly fascinates me about the Tiktok algorithm is that it's only one of several algorithms that behave this way, but people have such a visceral response to it.

      Some of it, I think, is PR (an example of Eugene Wei's Remains of the Day article that extolled it to the point of being magic, much to my skepticism). It's possible that the 'For You' label makes it more obvious, a suggestive peek behind the curtain, as if to let you know, hey, you're directly responsible for this algorithm.

      Touch it, pet it, feed it - the Tiktok feed is your tagamotchi.