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    The Atlantic | Megan McArdle | 12/2/11 | 7 min
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    The Atlantic
    33 reads
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    • vunderkind
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      2 months ago

      Rationally speaking, ‘if everybody’s stupid, how come you aren’t rich’ is not a very good argument, but it’s a useful one, I’ll give it that.

    • sjwoo2 months ago

      Reminds me of a headline in one of the NY tabloids many years ago when a baseball manager for one of the teams did nothing special but the team won anyway:


    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      2 months ago

      The most common--and plausible--theory of why he tried to split the businesses, even though it was completely obvious that this was really going to upset his customers, is that content owners were demanding a per-user fee for the streaming rights, and that Hastings wanted to get the DVD-only customers off of Netflix so that he wouldn't have to pay for streaming rights they weren't using (or paying for). That's why they raised prices. That's why they've split the businesses.

    • TripleG
      Top reader this weekReading streak
      2 months ago

      Very funny references.

    • Florian
      Reading streakScribe
      2 months ago

      While it's certainly true that people do idiotic things, it's also true that a lot of those "idiotic" things turn out to have perfectly reasonable explanations.

    • jeff
      Top reader this weekReading streakScribe
      2 months ago

      Excellent reality check!