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    The AtlanticDaniel Engber3/22/2111 min
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    The Atlantic
    3 reads
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    • Florian1 year ago

      The worry that significant numbers of Americans might end up refusing a safe, effective, and available COVID-19 vaccine has been salient from the start

      I find it problematic to call the vaccine “safe and effective” when both has only been studied in a short amount of time.

      I’m definitely a “maybe” and considers f there are no Covid cases in my region don’t see any need to change my mind anytime soon

    • Alexa1 year ago

      I know so many maybes, and have been one myself but have finally turned the corner. It really struck me the odds, 1,000 times more likely to have lasting problems from c19 over the vaccine. really? that tracks. just wish i trusted pharm companies at ALL. eesh

      • jeff
        Reading streakScoutScribe
        1 year ago

        With the virus only a little over a year old and the vaccines less than that, I'd be very skeptical of anyone purporting to have any idea of the "lasting problems" of either!