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    • normanbae1 year ago

      As a minority, I'm tired of being told that I'm supposed to be offended by things I find inoffensive.

      "This episode represents a pattern in the letters, wherein it is white students who are “woker” than their Black classmates, neatly demonstrating the degree to which this new religion is more about virtue signaling than social justice."

    • bartadamley
      Top reader this weekScout
      1 year ago

      Ostracism is a form of social death. It is a very potent threat.

    • SEnkey
      1 year ago

      Very few of the people who wrote to me are of conservative political orientation. Rather, a main thread in the missives is people left-of-center wondering why, suddenly, to be anything but radical is to be treated as a retrograde heretic. Thus the issue is not the age-old one of left against right, but what one letter writer calls the “circular firing squad” of the left: It is now no longer “Why aren’t you on the left?” but “How dare you not be as left as we are.”