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    The AP (Alex Pareene) NewsletterAlex Pareene9/17/212 min
    5 reads3 comments
    The AP (Alex Pareene) Newsletter
    5 reads
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    • Florian10 months ago

      If a company doesn't want to bear the risk of manufacturing and selling an FDA-approved treatment that the government has determined is mostly safe and mostly effective, then the government should simply assume that risk--and the patent.

      Imagine a world where capitalist organisations can produce stuff that gets injected in your body and they won’t be liable if something goes wrong... oh wait... we’re there already and it isn’t going particularly well. This article clearly didn’t age well

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      10 months ago

      I would love to have a safe and effective Lyme vaccine. I have stopped walking in the woods and other natural grassy environments because of the dreaded Lyme disease, which is very difficult to treat. Taking a long course of antibiotics seems really damaging to our microbiome, which is the cornerstone of our immunity.

    • chronotope10 months ago

      Lyme has only gotten more widespread since then. The knowledge that there is an existing preventative treatment that you cannot get because the company that developed it simply chose to stop selling is incensing.