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    that seems important | 3/19/20 | 17 min
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    that seems important
    2 reads
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    • Alexa
      2 months ago

      YESSS, still pertinent to this day. Great take on how media is making us feel real bad some days, and how to be mindful of that.

      Margo is such a win. If you're into media stuff she also has a YouTube show in a podcast style called HAMYAW and it is wonderful.

      • Woj2 months ago

        Thank you for the recs!

    • Woj4 months ago

      A succinct dismantling of headline culture that exposes the news machine for what it mostly is: fear mongering. She has a great writing style that feels like I’m taking in a fun, educational podcast through my eyeballs instead of my ear holes. Into it.