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    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      Ahh. To the point and angry. Full-on Greta-style.

      I'm on board with the core idea: drastic change is possible! Let's make it happen for climate mitigation too! Because our decade-long efforts are going nowhere.

      I've been trying to write the same article in slightly different tones... it's not an easy comparison.

      Pandemic response is simply trying to mitigate a disaster, while urgent climate response is not only mitigating disaster, but actively creating a better world.

      I don't agree completely. As seen in many reads here, it's clear that the current situation is not just mitigation. That was the original response. Now we see that we're in a historical crisis that will have lasting effects beyond a fix of the biological problem. It's a massive and disruptive experiment of remote work and social behavior, to name just two effects. Hopefully we can learn from the experiment and make a better world on many fronts - taking into account climate change.

      The main reason for the current drastic response is grounded fear. It was Italy, it's the death counts, survivor stories, collapsing economy. It's actual, visible, tangible evidence of disaster in a time-scale that the privileged of societies globallly can feel. It's around us now. This experience is REAL. Climate change still doesn't feel real for many, understandably.

    • musole2 years ago

      Great write up that spells out the similarities and lack of adequate action on climate change by drawing parallels to the global crisis that is the #coronapandemic.