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    Tech Policy PressJustin Hendrix9/3/2135 min
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    Tech Policy Press
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    • chronotope
      2 months ago

      a lot of people think that it’s very radical to say that we should end the data economy. But really if you come to think about it, first, in history, we have banned certain kinds of economic activity in the past because they’re just too toxic for society, they’re just too dangerous. But second, if you think about it, what seems to me really extreme is to have a business model that depends on the systematic and mass violation of rights. That’s what’s crazy. It’s not banning it that’s crazy.

    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeReading streakScout
      3 months ago

      But something fascinating now is that China has just passed one of the most strict laws of privacy around the world. And there’s a lot of speculation of, “Why did they do that? Their tech companies, their stock dropped, so why would they do that?” And one possible reason, among others, is because they realized that having so much personal data stored is a ticking bomb. And in particular, it is a danger to national security. So their rivals will get to that data sooner or later, and they will use it against China. So one reason why they’re regulating in favor of privacy is to protect themselves. And that gives a big motivation to the United States to come up with a federal privacy law, because it’s one of the few advanced countries that doesn’t have one, and that’s very worrisome.