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    start.longlife.bike5 min
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    • thorgalle1 month ago

      This project went the full circle and arrived back at the community that was their starting point.

      This means both electrical and non-electrical market segments are getting more competitive and leaning towards a red ocean.

      I had to look up 'red ocean', but a search explains enough: a bloody, competition-based market.

      Therefore, it's promising to see many new bicycle offerings coming up including maintenance and repair services.

      Bikes-as-a-service with regular maintenance 🤔 Sounds promising indeed. It would increase bike & component life and hence sustainability, a nicer riding experience because issues would be taken care of preventively!

      Besides that, we are looking into meaningful ways that slow travellers can thank their host. How cool would it be if travellers could give organic Welcome To My Garden seeds to their hosts?

      👀 what comes up here. We can do better than likes and loves, and maybe even better than claps.

      Over the long term, we also want to explore how we can encourage cities and municipalities to get involved with Welcome To My Garden. Ideally, we’d like to add an extra data layer with shelters for slow travellers in public spaces.

      Yes, yes, yes. The European nordics have the "freedom to roam" which makes outdoor camping a breeze. Belgium doesn't have that. Reasonable, because it is less practical to organize in such a densely populated country. Still, in the absence of alternatives, this does steal a fundamental human freedom from citizens; which is why Welcome To My Garden is so genius! If a government wants to promote more sustainable travel they really need to support such initiatives. Slow outdoor travel in Belgium has been an absolute PITA, or nearly impossible if you want to keep to legal camping sites off-season.

      Their Impact Report (embedded but not shown in Readup) is really impressive, both in content and composition. 13k users in one year! And some interesting stories (donkey travel?? 😜).