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    • anayar1 month ago

      A zero-case based approach is absolutely impossible and only hurts. We need sensemaking like this more often.

    • kellyalysia
      2 months ago

      I’m giving this a 10 just because I’ve been saying it since April when we understood v clearly how the virus was spread -and that hasn’t varied since - and yet, people to this day are outside masking. And this all feels so small and petty but I think it’s actually super important for the reasons the author states- it’s anti science, and it undermines the actual point of wearing a mask- which is and always has been about safety, not signaling your politics or some other value statement.

      • jeff
        Reading streak
        1 month ago

        Well said! The pandemic has given me a new appreciation for suburban living. I go for long walks every day and only ever saw one person over the past year wearing a mask outside. Thankfully it was just never a thing here. Can't wait till they're gone for good, outside and in!

      • bill
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        2 months ago


    • Florian1 month ago

      masks shouldn’t go on being a blunt-force declaration of safety; we should embrace their nuanced use


    • thorgalle1 month ago

      Total yes, let’s keep it science-based when possible. From my (obviously essential) travel & living experience in north & west Europe:

      • Sweden 🇸🇪 has been mostly free-for-all, with a only a recommendation for wearing masks during rush hour in public transport. 4/10, because still most people do distance themselves.
      • Finland 🇫🇮 makes masks mandatory indoors and in public transport, but you can take them off outdoors wherever. 10/10.
      • Belgium 🇧🇪 comes with a compromise (as always): masks mandatory indoors + in transport, but also in some of the busier outdoor streets/areas in cities. 9/10.

      That’s only looking at the masks policy... countries have all kinds of sensical and nonsensical social bubble -, school/office -, stores/services rules. From this article I learn that 🇺🇸 states vary in rules/norms just the same.

    • sjwoo2 months ago

      100% agreed. This has been one of the unintended benefits of this pandemic -- being outside! We should embrace it without fear.