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    Shaktian SpaceShakti Shetty9/14/219 min
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    Shaktian Space
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    • deephdave
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      1 month ago

      Speaking of ceaseless learnings and evolution of knowledge, how does one deal with the ever-changing facts? Last week, the scientists told us that the northernmost part of earth is not where we thought it was. Apparently, it’s now a place called Oodaaq (nice name for a child born to parents who were born after 1995). We keep acknowledging again and again that we shouldn’t stay faithful to the answers. They change. Our only obligation should be towards the vexing thread of questions. Deep inside, we know that the uncomfortable questions make us stronger. They bring us closer to defeating the fear of the unknown. Yes, at times, we might act arrogant based on little of what we’ve researched and accepted to be the truth, but then, there is where lies our single great fallacy. Our experience is what brings us closer to the truth, not borrowed wisdom. Just because you spent 15 months reading about something doesn’t mean you know it all. Just because you had sex once doesn’t mean you had a sex life.