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    Shaktian SpaceShakti Shetty4/25/218 min
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    Shaktian Space
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    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeReading streakScout
      3 weeks ago

      I totally agree with Fran Lebowitz’s fun theory: if you are doing it for fun and no other reason, then it’s absolutely fine. Don’t try to add layers to stuff that doesn’t need layering. Be lean and let the light in. Probability is in your favour: you will make it in the end. Yes, you’ll have your scars and calluses but they are there to remind you of your gorgeous journey. You may not be a warrior (most people aren’t) but you could be a survivor (most people are). And there is nothing wrong with pursuing happiness as long as you know that you are in for fun. After all, throughout your life, all you shall run after is a bit of happiness. A bit more than your share and more than your need