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    scitechdaily | 5/13/20 | 3 min
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    • pandemia
      2 weeks ago

      Correlation is not causation

    • Florian
      Reading streak
      2 weeks ago

      I knew the importance of vitamin C. Seems like D is just as important

    • jeff
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      2 weeks ago

      Very important information! I wish there was more talk in general about what individuals can do to strengthen their immune systems rather than just telling everyone to stay inside and wait for a vaccine (which only further exacerbates vitamin D deficiencies and makes it more difficult for people to exercise which is also very important!).

    • Pegeen2 weeks ago

      Fifteen years ago I was alerted by my Integrative Health Doctor that Vitamin D was the new star on the horizon for many essential health concerns such as immunity and bone density. My husband and I got our blood levels checked and started on a regimen. Vitamin D is a hormone and must be regulated by yearly blood screening. It is a myth that being in the sun for short amounts of time will get you the amount of D that you need. It would take so much more than that and you’d risk overexposure.