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    Scientific American | Kimberley R. Miner, Arwyn Edwards, Charles Miller, Kimberley R. Miner, Arwyn Edwards, Charles Miller | 5 min
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    Scientific American
    9 reads
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    • Florian
      Reading streakScout
      2 days ago

      Is this the trailer for 2021?

      • thorgalle16 hours ago

        I laughed at this. But it's actually sad on multiple levels; climate change & viruses. I really hope not!

    • thorgalle16 hours ago

      Interesting popular scientific article, but could maybe have been a bit less dense. I was aware of the "methanogenic" microbes problem, but I learned that there are also "methanotroph" microbes that would counter this dynamic.

      If you found this interesting I can really recommend this 15 min. read from a Washington Post Pulitzer winning series on climate change: "Radical warming in Siberia leaves millions on unstable ground ". That one is not so much about the bacteria, but provides more context & zooms in on the human aspects of this thawing. Including illegal mammoth tusk hunting!

    • DellwoodBarker1 day ago

      Fascinating! ImHo, I read this as a Pro-Active Awakening rather than a dire one...by Being Aware and Employing Truly Awake individuals what this article is suggesting to me Is that We Can Consciously Prepare for the “Wake Up” of the microbial ecosystem in a Way that Will Be Preventative rather than Reactionary (as much of the Meta COVID Experience has poorly been subject to, imho).

      Yes, the current state of melting glaciers is a serious symptom; Let’s Get To Work on how We Choose Engagement with those symptoms. Our Collective Evolution Imagining Healing Cures.

      Dellwood Barker Is An Optimist. Guilty as Charged.

      • thorgalle17 hours ago

        Good point! I’m also hoping COVID teaches leadership to invest more in the prevention of potential high-consequence health risks, like this thawing.

    • Pegeen
      2 days ago

      This is incredibly sad and frightening. I can’t wrap my head around a glacier melting.