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    Science of Us | Jeff Wise | 3/18/20 | 11 min
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    Science of Us
    4 reads
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    • vunderkind3 months ago

      Such a beautiful, beautiful article. Also, again, brings to mind an argument I've been making for a while. People who tell you facemasks are ineffective are lying. They're simply saying this to prevent you from snagging up all the facemasks and leave nothing for health workers. I understand the need for this, but I do not appreciate the dishonesty of the argument.

      See that old fling? Her airways were well-protected by the mask. She only transfers the virus because he touched her physically.

      Anyway - I love this article because it ticks the 'narrative' checkbox I've been waiting for. If facts won't do it, let stories.

    • Alexa
      3 months ago

      Chilling, but each step is plausible. I feel like this sort of storytelling is timely given so many people dragging their feet on self-quarantine and going about business as usual. Unprecedented times.

    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      3 months ago

      OMG! Terrifying description of Coronavirus...