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    ribbonfarm | 8/8/17 | 23 min
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    • bartadamley
      1 month ago

      Really fascinating article depicting who, what and why "Lonely Atoms" are the way they are.

      Lonely Atoms are men who live as boys would, if they could, for as long as they can.

      The part that intrigued me the most was talking about how the cost of working is losing the opportunity to have more "leisure" time. As we also have way more enticing technologies dedicated to leisure making "work" less attractive.

      However, I have been intrigued to read more into the "passion economy" and learn more about this. It is essentially a way for those who "consume" to become "creators" /participants in the passion economy making money off of what was once deemed a dead end.


      Just to think if I had gotten into streaming video games, before a whole industry has been started via Twitch..

      All else being equal, they would like to be happy on their own, hermetically-sealed terms. For them, preferring not to is not an ethic. It is a means of maximizing happiness- not as a future goal, but as a presently achievable and consumable goal.

      So perhaps my question to this is what is the opposite of a lonely atom?

      My hypothesis is a self-educated creator.

      Those who find meaning by setting long-term creative goals, rather than getting sucked into short-term consumptive goals.

      Typically, algorithmically driven goals. (but we can save this for an entirely different conversation).