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    restofworld.org12/22/2021 min
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    8 reads
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    • Zeusinajuice9 months ago

      Far from making people feel safe about their privacy this article throws open a laundry list of problems that we will have to face in the future. What is more appalling is that, we have no clue what activities from our past years have already been sold and to whom. It makes more sense to not just be wary of the internet and social media but also to be outright guarded and careful against them. Damn

    • jeff
      9 months ago

      The personal spying stuff is super creepy. It's almost hard to believe the ambush scene described at the beginning really happened it seems so absurd. It's also crazy that the bulk data dumps are for sale on the open internet. Don't even have to bother with the dark web! Reminds me of the early days when there were sketchy web sites that hosted pirated MP3 files out in the open before everyone moved to P2P.