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    Radical Extramentality | 4/5/09 | 16 min
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    Radical Extramentality
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    • bartadamley
      Reading streakScout
      2 weeks ago

      Anytime I read anything McLuhan, I am always mind-blown by the amount of further interpretation I have to do with a particular quote.

      Those who read now do so in an atmosphere of Post-Literacy: we are surrounded by people who know how to read but on the whole prefer not to.

      Readup is in a fight with a world that is increasingly post-literate. And yet, I love Readup's mission, because it fosters an environment in which you are able to focus deeply on one task. Any tech company that does this... is fighting the good fight. Interactive Software > Consumptive Software.

      New media are new languages of perception, their grammars and syntaxes—their “literacies”—yet to be ascertained.

      Diving into the major developments of particular media environments is an essential practice, to get a sense of the landscape in which we are enveloped in. The major shifts being: oral, scribal, print, electric to digital.

      What type of literacies are you keeping your eye on currently? What type of literacies are being developed presently that we are currently unaware of?