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    QuilletteAlice Dreger9/20/217 min
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    29 reads
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    • jeff
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      10 months ago

      We rather elegantly ignored the implications for our conversation. Tea was sipped.

      A funny quip that really highlights the paternalistic nature of the policies.

    • Florian10 months ago

      in our public schools, many of our undergraduates have been exposed to huge amounts of pornography but remarkably little information about their own bodies

      As someone who went through school before the time of free online porn, I often wonder about the consequences that young generations will face

    • DellwoodBarker10 months ago

      10 Read.

      On the first day of class, I went over the brochure and the syllabus with the students and explained to them where we would be violating the university’s policy. I suggested they drop the class if they didn’t feel comfortable with the topics we were going to engage. The next day, rather than having anyone drop, I had a waiting list of 20 students. The need felt greater and greater all the time.

      I don’t wish to diminish the female empowerment in any way by wishing there is an addressing of the mirroring in gay lifestyles as well.

      I just finished watching Labyrinth for the first time and living in a small town sex (personally gay sex) feels even more complicated. Once I get a new phone where meeting apps work again that will be a huge plus. Being gay here is complicated. I feel ostracized from “the gays” here for not being gay enough or a bad gay (which I enjoy the novel Less addressing), I receive questionable flirting from guys who know about me yet seem enigmatic, I finally meet an amazing sexual partner who suddenly wants nothing sexual to do with me (my fault for being boring I assume). I have sex with gay men who make rape jokes afterward which turns me off. It’s complicated as fuck and I am sure I am making it all more so than it needs to be and then add the stress of COVID, employment, residence, adulting, collective balancing self needs and vice versa and boundaries and it is a miracle if our junk even functions properly. Lol.

      Recently I had two experiences where I think men may have been flirting but then I get scared of overstepping lines and fuck-up. One was with an attractive guy with a daughter or niece at the spa the day I was finishing Less and the other was with a guy and his dog - though I couldn’t quite tell if the dog was “matchmaking” us or if the dog was telling me that a woman off to the side was also in the picture with him. Lol.

      In a lot of ways sex and queer lifestyles are easier in urban environments.